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10-24-14 What's On My Mind: TA by Aubrey Waddy

10-24-14 Emma Beddoes Shocks Nour El Sherbini In Macau First Round by Howard Harding

10-24-14 PSA Macau Seeds March On by Nathan Clarke

10-24-14 Marathon Man Clyne Falls In Montreal by Nathan Clarke

10-24-14 Jahangir Reportedly Told to Demolish Karachi Squash Complex

10-24-14 Q & A With Harvard Freshman Yong Sue Ann by Alex Wan

10-24-14 Stanford Women's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-24-14 Wesleyan Men's Preview

10-24-14 Hobart Men's Preview

10-24-14 James Zug on World Squash Day

Legendary Australian Coach Joe Shaw Remembered

10-24-14 Montreal Atwater Club Hosting Fourth Can-Am Doubles Cup

10-24-14 Job Opening: Day School Coach, Bryn Mawr, PA

10-24-14 New York Squash Hosting Season Kick-Off Party

10-24-14 What If Other Coaches Wore Uniforms? by Dan Carson

Diego Elias Upsets Alister Walker on Day One in Montreal by Nathan Clarke

Speed Thrills In World Squash Day Success by Howard Harding

10-23-14 Pakistan No.1 Iqbal Knocked Out In Islamabad $25K by Nathan Clarke

James Willstrop Reflects After Hip Surgery

10-23-14 Video: Quick Hit, Shabana v Lee

10-23-14 Video: Mega-Rally, Mueller v Mosaad

10-23-14 Job Opening: Head Pro, Virginia

10-23-14 Connecticut College Women's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-23-14 F & M Women's Preview

10-23-14 Cornell Men's Preview by Anne Bello

Squashsite Tweets of the Week

10-23-14 Western Australia Courts-to-Art Gallery Conversion Stirring Debate

10-23-14 On Court App Launched in Pro Tennis

'A Brief History of Sexism in Tennis' by Allen McDuffee

Hong Kong Coach Optimistic IOC Will Add Squash to 2020 Games Following December Meeting

10-22-14 G. Douglas Talbott Dies at Age 90

Scotland's Greg Lobban over Julian Illingworth to Win $5K Minnesota PSA Challenger by Nathan Clarke

10-22-14 Coleman Captures Bexley Open Crown by Nathan Clarke

10-22-14 College Student Elshorbagy Moves to World No 1

Zach Schweitzer Wins PST Cleveland Classic

WSA US Open Latest Equipment Report from Pierre Bastien

10-22-14 Video: Quick Hit, Sobhy v Serme

10-22-14 Video: Mega-rally, David v Teran

10-22-14 Video: Quick Hit, Fernandes v Blake

10-22-14 Columbia Men's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-22-14 Tufts Men's Preview

10-22-14 Colgate Women's Preview

Scott Devoy Named USOC Coach of the Year

10-22-14 Tennis's Genie Bouchard Reaches World No 5 for Highest-Ever Canadian Ranking

10-22-14 Watergate Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee, Once Dabbled in Squash, Dies at 93

What's On My Mind by Alex Diaz

Ramy Ashour Scheduled to Return for November World Championship, Draw Announced

10-21-14 Aumard Celebrates Home Volcans Victory by Howard Harding

10-21-14 Pallikal Provides Home Indian Circuit Success by Howard Harding

10-21-14 Sandhu Scores Second Indian Circuit Success by Nathan Clarke

Video: Quick Hit, Golan v Waller

10-21-14 Video: Quick Hit, Ghosal v Dessouki

10-21-14 Video: Quick Hit, Brown v Evans

10-21-14 Qualifying Underway for $35K PSA Montreal Event

10-21-14 Asics Gel Volley Elite 2 from Pierre Bastien

10-21-14 Colgate Men's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-21-14 Oregon Men's Preview

10-21-14 Vanderbilt Men's Preview

10-21-14 Minnesota Women's Preview

10-21-14 Georgetown Women's Preview

10-21-14 Cal Women's Preview

10-21-14 Why Not Just Play Squash

Black Knight Squash Fiction Chapter 3: 'Trouble for Academics' by Al Tommervik

10-20-14 Nicol David First in 60-Year History of Open to Win Three Straight Titles by Howard Harding

10-20-14 Video: US Open Women's Final, David v El Sherbini

10-20-14 Video: Men's Final, Elshorbagy v Shabana

10-20-14 Nicol David Post-Match

10-20-14 Mohamed Elshorbagy Post-Match

10-20-14 White Oaks Renames Squash Facility in Memory of Mark Sachvie

10-20-14 Grand Master Honor Roll Named for A. Carter Ferguson by Nell Schwed

10-20-14 The Great Gul Khan and Other Descendants Step on Court

10-20-14 Goldie Edwards, Jay Nelson, Barbara Clement and Don Strachan Inducted into US Hall of Fame

10-20-14 Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3 Green Shoes from Pierre Bastien

10-20-14 Lottery Grant to Help 'Sedentary' UK Youngsters Play

10-20-14 Track Star Grinds Out Bumpy Transition by Scott Cacciola

10-20-14 50 Shades of Oregon Ducks Uniforms

Elshorbagy Is US Open Champion by Nathan Clarke

10-19-14 David Beats El Sherbini to Claim Third Straight US Open Title, Finals Recap

10-19-14 Video: Semis, Serme v El Sherbini

10-19-14 Video: Semis, David v El Welily

10-19-14 Video: Semis, Gaultier v Elshorbagy

10-19-14 Video: Semis, Shabana v Matthew

10-19-14 World Squash Federation Elects New Board in Philadelphia by Howard Harding

10-19-14 PST Shows Support for World Squash Day

10-19-14 Georgetown Men's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-19-14 BU Men's Preview

10-19-14 Denison Men's Preview

10-19-14 Karakal XS-650 Shoes from Pierre Bastien

Tennis Channel Replaying US Open Squash Week

10-19-14 Intercollegiate Fishing Grows to 600 Clubs

Shabana Beats Matthew, Elshorbagy Over Gaultier to Set All-Egyptian US Open Final by Nathan Clarke

David, El Sherbini to Clash in Women's Final, Day 9 Report

10-18-14 Video: Women's Quarters, Serme v Adel

10-18-14 Video: Women's Quarters, Massaro v El Sherbini

10-18-14 Video: Men's Quarters Day 2

Around the Open: Kasey Brown

10-18-14 Around the Open: John White

10-18-14 The Beloved Anne Farrell Honored at Inaugural Women in Sports Day

10-18-14 Goldie Edwards Headed into Hall of Fame by Stephen J. Nesbitt

10-18-14 Amherst Women's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-18-14 Hamilton Women's Preview by Anne Bello

10-18-14 Russian Tennis Head Banned Over Williams Sisters Comments

10-18-14 British Tennis Said to be Stuck in Suburbia

10-18-14 Norwegian Researchers Target Fitness Age

35-Year-Old Amr Shabana Sails Into US Open Semis by Nathan Clarke

El Sherbini Beats Massaro, US Open Day 8 Bottom Quarters Report

10-17-14 Video: Women's Quarters Day 1

10-17-14 Video: Men's Quarters, Gaultier v Rosner

10-17-14 Video: Men's Quarters, Elshorbagy v Waller

10-17-14 Gaultier Post-Match

10-17-14 Elshorbagy Post-Match

10-17-14 Nicol David Post-Match

10-17-14 Raneem El Welily Post-Match

10-17-14 A Night of New York Women…and Squash by Tracy J. Gates

10-17-14 Stars Take Speed Test To Highlight World Squash Day 2014 by Howard Harding

10-17-14 Jay Dolan Captures PST New England Open

A Candid Conversation with Coach Paul Assaiante

10-17-14 Western Ontario Men's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-17-14 Brown Men's Preview

10-17-14 Scientists Push for Exercise Data on Food Packaging

10-17-14 The Town with No Cell Phones

Gaultier And Elshorbagy Set Up US Open Semi Showdown by Nathan Clarke

Philly Day 7 Report; David, El Welily Into Semifinals

10-16-14 Video: Women's US Open Round 2 Day 2

10-16-14 Video: Men's Round 2 Day 2 Part 1

10-16-14 Video: Men's Round 2 Day 2 Part 2

10-16-14 US Squash and the 'Subsequent Transition': What a Bunch of Nonsense, by Ted Gross

10-16-14 Columbia Women's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-16-14 Haverford Women's Preview

10-16-14 2014 Hall of Famers Facts by James Zug

10-16-14 Video: Footwork Drill

Squash Canada Announces World Teams Sponsor

10-16-14 Nick Matthew Named Patron of Sheffield Children's Charity

10-16-14 Australian Women in Sport Awards Slammed for Using Topless Models

10-16-14 Chess Promoter Stages Million Dollar Event with $1K Buy-In

Shabana Survives Scare At US Open While Matthew Marches On by Nathan Clarke

10-15-14 Massaro & El Sherbini Advance, Women's 2nd Round Recaps

10-15-14 Video: Women's US Open Round 2 Day 1

10-15-14 Video: Men's 2nd Round, Day 1 Part 1

10-15-14 Video: Men's 2nd Round, Day 1 Part 2

10-15-14 Video: Megarallies, Lobban v Elshorbagy

10-15-14 Video: Megarallies, Rosner v Castagnet

10-15-14 US Squash Ramping Up International Profile by Frank Fitzpatrick

10-15-14 Yale Men's Season Preview by Michael Bello

10-15-14 Vassar Men's Preview

Karakal XL-TEC 125 from Pierre Bastien

10-15-14 Open Staging Character in Sports Day

10-15-14 Philadelphia Sports Congress Honored

10-15-14 Women's Athletic Ability Linked to Corporate Advancement

Fascination with Extreme Fitness by Heather Havrilesky

Elshorbagy Eliminates Pilley In Testing US Open Encounter by Nathan Clarke

10-14-14 US Open Round of 16 Top Half Recaps

10-14-14 Behind the Scenes at the Open by Pierre Bastien