by Nick-At-Will

October 29, 2018
- At a recently held U.S. Squash Junior Gold Championships...out of the ten different divisions hosted, 35 of  the 40 top-four seeded/ranked players made it into the semi-finals! To say that our great sport of squash is..."predictable," is an understatement! Predictability is defined as: able to be foretold or declared in advance. Or...expected, especially on the basis of previously known behavior or result. But wait a minute! In the case of squash, predictability is not an exact science! Sir James Lighthill gave a lecture to the Royal Society, lamenting the confusion between Newton's classical mechanical determinism and the apparent claim of perfect predictability:

    ”We are all deeply conscious today that the enthusiasm of our forebears for the marvelous achievements of Newtonian mechanics led them to make generalizations in this area of predictability which, indeed, we may have generally tended to believe before 1960, but which we now recognize were false. We collectively wish to apologize for having misled the general educated public by spreading ideas about determinism of systems satisfying Newton’s laws of motion that, after 1960, were to be proved incorrect...”

    Of course...human performance (or lack there-of) can and will have an affect on predictability. In the case of squash and its results...this could certainly be the truth!