Stop the Masquerade
by Guy Cipriano

November 27, 2018 - Today there was a DSR link to a twitter post announcing that a freshman collegiate player had won his fourth PSA tournament. 

This has gone way too far. The eligibility rules in collegiate squash need to be changed. You can’t have a talented young professional with four PSA wins playing college squash. What’s next: “One And Done” like Duke basketball? This situation isn’t what  Dr. Eugene Pool, Honey Humpstone and Ed Herendeen had in mind when they established the College Squash Association in 1931.

Gary Waite had the decency and intellectual honesty to acknowledge that he was a professional during his years at Harvard and he never played for the team. You can’t sprinkle the water of the Charles River over a player's head and turn a professional into an amateur student-athlete. It isn’t the water of Lourdes curing hunchbacks and cripples and making the blind see.

Congratulations to the player on his victory. Now it’s about time that the collegiate squash coaches and the athletic directors each grow a set of balls and change the rules. If they want to allow pros to compete in collegiate squash since it’s not an NCAA sport, fine. Just say so and stop the masquerade.