by Nick-At-Will

photo Nick at Will

There's been so much discussion lately on and about how our great game of squash can be promoted and made more popular. What about the sports of: Baseball; Basketball; Football; Volleyball; Pickleball; Handball; Softball; Dodge-ball; Kickball; etc...all of which are and can be played in the open-air out-of-doors!? What about adding those four letters, (b-a-l-l) to squash, renaming our great game...Squashball!? This would change the entire perception of our game from being a vegetable to being a sport!

And while we're at it, why not build more open-air, outdoor "Squashball" courts!

See: http://www.dailysquashreport.com/11_16_20_nick.htm. Talk about thinking out of the "Squashball" box!

Food for thought!!