On the Olympics Polls
by Ferez S. Nallaseth, Ph.D.

July 5, 2015 - Olympics: the polls from the non Squash World are saying exactly what such things have ​said for the past 60 years! How should the Squash World prepare for the post 2020 age?

I saw the article in the Daily Squash Report on the polls in the Wall Street Journal. There have been some vigorous exertions by Squash Players on LinkedIn Squash Groups and elsewhere. However the basic points that will give them what they (and I) want are completely ignored - which is in striking contrast to the renowned adaptability and media savvy of the Squash community!​

​ The key problem is communicating the game by elevating its televisual dimensions. This cannot be done by a jerry rigged application of current TV technology (e.g. tennis TV or Squash TV) but only by orders of magnitude (massive qualitative and quantitative) enhancement of televisual capability with frontline science. The application of those methods will generate the scheduling of Squash on commercial TV which will generate the revenue and the clout which not only will get Squash into the Olympics, but of more importance, keep it there! Without those changes we will repeat the disappointments of the last 60 years of failure while more recent arrivals in sports leave us behind - all the other stuff is necessary but insufficient!

These Wall Street Journal polls are saying the same thing that we and others have been saying e.g. in the links below for decades, the only difference being that they have better numbers. The significance of all of this is of most importance to those who are most concerned and seem the least interested -the players, coaches and those in charge of the game - which is why a re-run of these articles might help. There is nothing in the ongoing events that is not a repetition of the past decades that Squash applied for inclusion in the Olympics!

It is also important to prepare the community for what seems increasingly likely to be inevitable! Although I personally would prefer to be dead wrong, I fear otherwise and so perhaps this time we will get a responsible response from the Squash community. Towards preparing for this eventuality and which end I would like to submit this email as a re-run.


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