Actress Emma Watson Pays a Visit to the DSR Offices
by Ted Gross

August 30th, 2016

I’m at my desk yesterday evening putting together DSR and the phone rings.

The caller says she is on our street and looking for Deborah’s (my wife’s) studio, which is essentially our living room.

This happens all the time. My wife is an artist and when people come by to look at art, no one can ever find the place.

A few minutes later I hear laughter coming from upstairs. This is common. Whenever my wife shows someone her work, there is a point at which she and the potential customer start laughing. God knows why.

Finally I am summoned into the fray. There is a question about framing, which is my department.

Emma Watson, the Harry Potter actress, is (no joke) standing in the living room holding a painting, trying to decide if she should take it along as is or have us frame it and send it.

She may be a star, but she is the same age as my kids, so I give it to her straight.

“You know how it is,” I say, “if you don’t frame it now, you’ll just lean it up for a year. That’s silly.”

I got a smile out of her and she agreed.

Later, my wife told me she’d asked how long we’d been married, and when my wife said 32 years Emma seemed shocked.

My wife interpreted the reaction as a positive, that she simply looks too young to have been married 32 years.

What can you do?