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2-22-18 Job Opening: Pro, San Diego
2-22-18 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Virginia
2-14-18 Job Opening: Head Pro, Westchester Country Club
2-9-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Delaware
2-8-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Brooklyn
2-8-18 Job Opening: Communications Coordinator, StreetSquash
2-1-18 Job Opening: Pro, Vancouver
1-30-18 Job Opening: Pro, Port Chester, New York
1-25-18 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, New England
1-6-18 Job Opening: Pro, New York City
12-21-17 Job Opening: Executive Director, Squash BC
12-20-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Cincinnati
12-6-17 Job Openings: Boston & Minneapolis
11-28-17 Job Opening: PT Assistant Pro, Connecticut
11-27-17 Job Opening: Pros, Chelsea Piers
11-25-17 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Connecticut
11-5-17 Job Opening: Coach and Administrator, Maryland
11-1-17 Job Opening: Girls High School JV Coach, Massachusetts
10-31-17 Job Opening: PT Pro, Southern California
10-22-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Connecticut College
10-20-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Bowdoin
10-14-17 Job Opening: Head Pro, Cleveland
10-8-17 Job Opening: High-Performance Director, Squash Canada
10-6-17 Job Openings: Staff, Squash Canada
9-29-17 Job Opening: Club Coach, UCLA
9-28-17 Job Opening: School Coaches, Chicago
9-27-17 Job Opening: School Coach, Connecticut
9-22-17 Job Opening: College Club Coach, Wellesley
9-19-17 Job Opening: Pro, Bronxville
9-10-17 Job Opening: Seasonal Pro, Boston
9-6-17 Job Opening: Head Coach & Multiple Coaches, Squash Revolution
9-5-17 Job Opening: Head Pro, Boston
8-24-17 Job Opening: Head Coach, Pittsburgh
8-22-17 Job Opening: Head Coach, National Centre, Manchester
8-17-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Dartmouth
8-11-17 Job Opening: Coach, Squash on Fire
8-9-17 Job Opening: Pro, Cleveland
8-9-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Delaware
8-8-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Greenwich Academy
8-7-17 Job Opening: Squash/Tennis Assistant, Hamilton College
8-7-17 Squash:Ed Looking for Pro
8-2-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Brown
8-2-17 Job Opening: Pro, Connecticut
8-1-17 Job Opening: Pro, San Diego
8-1-17 Job Opening: Squash Personal Trainer, Columbia University
7-31-17 Job Opening: Urban Program Coach, Houston
7-28-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Massachusetts
7-27-17 Job Opening: Urban Program Assistant Director, Connecticut
7-21-17 Job Opening: School Head Pro, Massachusetts
7-14-17 Job Opening: PT Pro, Los Angeles
7-11-17 Job Opening: School Squash Director, Philadelphia
7-10-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Westchester County
7-10-17 Job Opening: Urban Coordinator, Baltimore
7-10-17 Job Opening: Pro, DC
6-26-17 Job Opening: Pro, Boston
6-26-17 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Vassar
6-23-17 Job Opening: Weekend Pro, Washington, DC
6-23-17 Job Opening: Pro, Luxembourg
6-13-17 Job Opening: PT Assistant Pro, Brooklyn
6-12-17 Job Opening: Program Associate, CitySquash Brooklyn
6-9-17 Job Opening: Head Pro, Washington DC
6-1-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Boston
6-1-17 Job Opening: Head Coach, Tufts
6-1-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Virginia
5-18-17 Job Opening: Pro, Philadelphia
5-6-17 Job Opening: Coach, Connecticut College
5-6-17 Job Opening: Coach, Fordham
5-6-17 Job Opening: Resident Assistant Coach, UK
5-5-17 Job Opening: Education Director, Portland, Maine
4-20-17 Job Opening: Assistant Squash Director, Squash Haven
4-9-17 Job Opening: SquashBusters, Boston
4-5-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, San Diego Squash
4-4-17 Job Opening: Squash Director, Episcopal Academy
4-2-17 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Ohio
3-30-17 Job Opening: Head Coach, Vassar
3-18-17 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Bronxville
3-16-17 Greenwich Academy Programs Seek Assistants
3-12-17 Job Opening: Coordinator, StreetSquash Newark
3-1-17 Job Opening: Street Squash Coordinator, NYC
2-26-17 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Bronxville Field Club
2-21-17 Job Opening: Executive Director, Squash BC
2-17-17 Job Opening: Director of Squash, New York City
2-14-17 Job Opening: Pro, NYC Area
2-8-17 Job Opening: Pro, Atlanta
2-2-17 Job Opening: Pro, Southern California
1-14-17 Job Opening: Pro, Washington, DC
12-30-16 Job Opening: Head Pro, Equinox Sports Club
12-24-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Atlanta
12-15-16 Job Opening: Part-Time Pro, The Metropolitan Club, Washington DC
11-30-16 Job Opening: Pro, Suburban New York
11-26-16 Job Opening: Academic Director, Urban Squash, Pittsburgh
11-26-16 Job Opening: Program Coordinator, Urban Squash, Pittsburgh
11-13-16 Job Opening: Pro, Upstate New York
11-8-16 Job Opening: Development Associate, CitySquash
11-3-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Piping Rock
11-2-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, California
10-28-16 Job Opening: School Coach, Westchester County
10-21-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Minneapolis
10-20-16 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Baltimore
10-15-16 Job Opening: School Coach, Rhode Island
10-12-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Connecticut
10-8-16 Job Opening: Operations & Events Director, National Urban Squash
10-7-16 Job Opening: Pro, West Virginia
9-28-16 Job Opening: Pro, San Diego
9-23-16 Job Opening: Urban Program Athletic Director, Houston
9-21-16 Job Opening: Urban Squash Director, Pittsburgh
9-21-16 Job Opening: School Varsity Coach, Rye
9-9-16 Job Still Open: Assistant Pro, Greenwich Academy
9-6-16 Job Opening: Interim Men's & Women's Coach, Vassar
8-31-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Brooklyn
8-29-16 Job Opening: Pro, Norwalk
8-27-16 Job Opening: Coach, Washington, DC
8-19-16 Job Opening: Men's and Women's Head Coach, Cornell
8-18-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Atlanta
8-11-16 Job Opening: Director of HIgh School Academics, CitySquash
8-2-16 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Greeenwich Academy
7-29-16 Job Opening: High School Coach, Virginia
7-26-16 Job Opening: Part-Time Pro, Westchester
7-21-16 Job Opening: Pro, Massachusetts
7-20-16 Job Opening: Yvain Badan Seeking Assistant Pro in New Canaan
7-1-16 Job Opening: Part Time Pro, UK
6-21-16 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Penn
6-17-16 Job Opening: Pro, Toronto
6-10-16 Job Opening: Head Pro, Connecticut
6-10-16 Job Opening: Urban Academic Director, Delaware
6-9-16 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Dartmouth
6-8-16 Job Openings: Assistant Pros, Philadelphia
6-7-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Edmonton
5-31-16 Job Opening: Director of Academics, CitySquash
5-20-16 Job Opening: Pro, TOG Squash Academy, Boston MA
5-20-16 Job Opening: FT Coach, San Diego
5-20-16 Job Offer: Club Pro, Hong Kong
5-18-16 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Amherst
5-14-16 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Vassar
5-9-16 Job Offer: School Coach, Philadelphia
5-4-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Greenwich
4-30-16 Job Opening: College Coach, Ontario
4-29-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, DC
4-29-16 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Vassar
4-19-16 Job Opening: Full-Time Pro, Southern California
4-17-16 Job Opening: Club Coach, Bryant University. Rhode Island
4-16-16 Job Offer at F & M (Complicated!)
4-14-16 South Carolina Urban Program Seeking Director
4-5-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Union Club, New York City
4-2-16 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Dartmouth
3-15-16 Positions Available with Squash Australia
3-13-16 Job Opening: Urban Squash Director, Seattle
3-11-16 Job Opening: Summer Session Coach, Nicol Champions Academy
3-9-16 Job Opening: Louisville
3-9-16 Job Opening: Lifetime Fitness Seeks Expansion Pros
3-8-16 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Tuxedo Club
3-4-16 Scotland Squash Seeking National Coach
2-27-16 Job Opening: Coach, San Diego
2-25-16 Job Opening: Director of Boys Squash/Touring Pro, Cincinnati
2-8-16 Job Opening:  Head Coach, Bryant University
2-4-16 Job Opening: Summer Camp Squash Instructor, Maine
2-3-16 Job Opening: Tennis Pro, Chelsea Piers Ct
1-29-16 Squash Alberta Seeks Interim High-Performance Coach
1-26-16 Southern California Families Looking for Elite Juniors' Coach
1-19-16 Job Opening: PT Pro, Atlanta
1-17-16 Job Opening: Weekend Pro, Tuxedo Park
1-13-16 Job Opening: Bermuda
1-9-16 Job Opening: Pro, Manchester, England
1-6-16 Job Opening: Pro, Philadelphia
1-6-16 Job Opening: Director, California
12-13-15 Job Opening: Pro, Virginia
12-7-15 Job Opening: Pro, Iran
11-29-15 Job Opening: PT Pro, CityView, New York City
11-25-15 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Columbia University
11-15-15 Job Opening: Pro, Nevada
10-24-15 Job Opening: School Coach, Pennsylvania
10-24-15 Job Opening: Executive Director, DC Urban Program
10-22-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Missouri Athletic Club
10-22-15 Job Opening: Director of Squash, Charlotte
9-24-15 Job Opening: Pro, Virginia
9-23-15 Fordham Seeks PT Assistant Coach
9-6-15 Peruvian Federation Seeking National Coach
9-5-15 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Colby
9-3-15 Job Opening: Head Pro, Chicago
8-28-15 Job Opening: Pro, Metro NY
8-25-15 Job Opening: Director, Santa Barbara
8-24-15 New York Racquet & Tennis Club, Under New Head Pro Manek Mathur, Seeking Assistant Squash Professional
8-21-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Calgary
8-14-15 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Greenwich Academy
8-14-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Baltimore
8-11-15 Job Opening: Private Coach, Northern California
8-5-15 Job Opening: Pro, Ohio
7-30-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, California
7-25-15 Job Opening: Head Varsity Coach, Gonzaga College High School
7-24-15 Job Opening: Men's & Women's Assistant Coach, Princeton University
7-24-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Michigan
7-23-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Calgary
7-22-15 Job Opening: Coordinator, Squash Ontario
7-22-15 Job Openings: Pro, Atlanta & New Jersey
7-21-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Chicago
7-14-15 Job Opening: Volunteer Head Coach, University of Toronto
7-7-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Field Club of Greenwich
7-3-15 Job Opening: Head Pro, Chelsea Piers CT
7-1-15 Job Opening: Associate Squash Director, Baldwin School
6-30-15 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, GW
6-26-15 Job Opening: Coach, Episcopal
6-25-15 Job Opening: Club Coach, Smith College
6-19-15 Job Opening: Head Coach, Potomac School
6-13-15 Job Opening: Head Pro, New York R & T
6-13-15 Job Opening: Director of Racquet Sports, New York R & T
6-11-15 Job Opening: Squash & Wellness Coordinator, Urban Squash Toronto (revised)
6-11-15 Job Opening: Program Director, Urban Squash Toronto (revised)
6-7-15 Job Opening: Urban Squash Toronto
5-26-15 Job Opening: Pro, Atlanta
5-22-15 Job Opening: Executive Director, Urban Squash Cleveland
5-22-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Connecticut
5-15-15 Job Opening: Seasonal Pro, Vero Beach, Florida
5-13-15 Job Opening: Pro, Washington, DC
5-10-15 Job Opening: Pro, Philly
5-7-15 New Atlanta Urban Program Seeks Director
5-5-15 Job Opening: Pro, Atlanta
4-28-15 Job Opening: Squash Director, Atlanta
4-28-15 Job Opening: Prep School Coach and Teacher, Connecticut
4-25-15 Job Opening: Pro, Suffolk County, New York
4-15-15 Job Opening: Scozzie Squash
4-8-15 Job Opening: Pro, East 86th St, New York City
3-31-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Detroit Athletic Club
3-31-15 Job Opening: Pro, Atlanta
3-20-15 Job Opening: Cincinnati, Director/Touring Pro
3-12-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, St Louis
3-7-15 Coach Seeking Job: Khalid Atlas Khan
3-6-15 Job Opening: Head Coach, Middlebury College
2-26-15 Job Opening: Squash and 'Wellness' Director, Chicago
2-24-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Calgary
2-11-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Greenwich
2-9-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Massachusetts
2-4-15 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Westchester County
1-21-15 Job Opening: Pro, Atlanta
11-21-14 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Missouri Athletic Club
11-20-14 Job Opening: Pro, Minnesota
11-4-14 Job Opening: Pro, Washington DC
11-4-14 Job Opening: High School Assistant Coach, Greenwich
10-29-14 Job Opening: High School Coach, Buffalo
10-24-14 Job Opening: Day School Coach, Bryn Mawr, PA
10-23-14 Job Opening: Head Pro, Virginia
10-4-14 Job Opening: Squash Rx
10-1-14 Job Opening: Prep School Coach, Santa Barbara
9-24-14 Job Opening: Prep Coach, Pittsburgh
9-19-14 Job Opening: Squash Director, Chicago
9-16-14 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Westchester Squash Club
9-13-14 Job Opening: Assistant Pro, Washington DC
9-11-14 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Middlebury College
9-11-14 Job Opening: Head Pro, Westchester NY
9-9-14 Job Opening: Assistant Coach, Colby College
8-30-14 Job Opening: PT Pro, CityView, Queens, NY