General Interest

3-17-17 Six Repeat Champions at US National Singles
3-17-17 Inside Tecnifibre from Pierre Bastien
3-17-17 Firm Using Athletes to Help Watch Athletes' Money
3-17-17 Jones Family's 40-Year Front-Row
3-17-17 Scribe Says Don't Let Tennis Pros Bounce the Ball
3-16-17 254 Men, 184 Women Reportedly Play US Platform Tennis Nationals in Philly During US Squash Nationals Weekend; US Squash Nationals Reported 176 Men, 33 Women
3-16-17 Sportsmanship Master Class at National Singles by Kevin Klipstein
3-16-17 Study Suggests Intervals Stave Off Cellular Aging
3-14-17 Harrow Fiction Match: Chapter 25, The Finale, by Chris Dec
3-14-17 National Doubles Champion Richard Remsen Jr Dies at 96
3-14-17 World Team Tennis Still Hanging Around
3-14-17 Can Tennis Bring It Elsewhere by Steve Tignor
3-14-17 Stanford Heads List of Top 25 Sports-Lover Colleges
3-14-17 Future Apple, Google Campuses with Workplace Glamour by Wendy Lee
3-13-17 Playing Like You Practice by Gary Nisbet
3-13-17 The Great Geoff Hunt Turns 70
3-13-17 Cayman's Cathryn Hindess Profiled
3-13-17 Rugby’s More Perfect Union by Martin Pengelly
3-13-17 NYT Sports Bestsellers
3-13-17 California Desert Experiencing March Super-Bloom
3-12-17 2016 World Championships Equipment Report from Pierre Bastien
3-12-17 New Year’s Resolutions by Candace Chemtob
3-12-17 Steel City Cup Fundraiser to $33K and Counting
3-12-17 Tennis Podcast, Sloane Stephens
3-11-17 Squashbusters Alum Prepares for Life After Grad School
3-11-17 Chicago Hotel to Feature 6-Level Fitness Club and 3 Courts
3-10-17 Competitive Club Squash in the US is Confirmed Dead by Ted Gross
3-10-17 Paltry Numbers as US Nationals Underway in Philadelphia; Men's 35's with 5 Players, Women's 35's & 40's with ZERO Players
3-10-17 Shoes with an Unfair Advantage? by Jere Longman
3-9-17 Victor SH-P9200 from Pierre Bastien
3-9-17 Fire Cripples Historic Philadelphia Aquatic Fitness Center
3-8-17 PSA Stars Attend Post-Squash Career Day
3-8-17 Performance Versus Outcome by Richard Millman
3-8-17 Ping-Pong as the Fountain of Youth by Wendy Lyons Sunshine
3-8-17 AIA Exhibition to Showcase World’s Smartest Buildings
3-8-17 A Mensch on a Bench
3-7-17 Gary Nisbet: Utilizing Coaching Theory
3-7-17 Karakal Pro Lite from Pierre Bastien
3-7-17 Golf Proposing Rules Changes
3-6-17 Nick Taylor: 90 Percent of Squash Players are Using the Wrong Ball
3-6-17 Harrow Fiction, Chapter 24 by Chris Dec
3-6-17 Hey Ref, by Barry Faguy
3-6-17 Harrow Reflex from Pierre Bastien
3-6-17 Harvey Mudders Reportedly Outearn Harvard and Stanford Grads
3-6-17 US Soccer Adds Bylaw Requiring Anthem-Standing
3-5-17 Murder, Demurrage and Double-Dot Deadlines: New Squash Books To Consider from James Zug
3-5-17 March Circuit of the Month from Gary Nisbet
3-5-17 White Elephant by Will Carlin
3-5-17 Major League Baseball Tries Chemically Treated Balls
3-5-17 From Graveyard Shift Janitor to NFL Combine
3-4-17 March Newsletter from the World Squash Federation
3-4-17 Ali Farag Signature Dunlop from Pierre Bastien
3-4-17 Western New York Prep Teams Proud by Miguel Rodriguez
3-4-17 ESPN Tennis Analyst Suing for Wrongful Termination Reportedly Has Heart Attack
3-3-17 New 4-Court Club Launched in Doncaster, UK, by Rob Waller
3-2-17 Windy City Open Hosts Billie Jean King at Luncheon
3-2-17 Lose The Battle, Win The War by Chris Hanebury
3-2-17 Shoes Spotted from Pierre Bastien
3-2-17 Harvard Lowell House to Replace Courts with Screening Room
3-2-17 The Flying Smartphone
3-1-17 Adidas Stabil Boost 20Y from Pierre Bastien
3-1-17 Big Apple Open Extends Early Bird Registration, Pricey but Includes Party
3-1-17 Admissions and Athletics at Yale by Cole Aronson
2-28-17 All Three DSR Contributors Survive First Round of Cuts in Novel Challenge
2-28-17 Adidas Energy Volley Boost 2 from Pierre Bastien
2-28-17 Fram's Corner, Between Squash and Soccer
2-28-17 No More Burgers and Fries
2-28-17 Wilson Bangkok Factory Churns Out Tennis Balls in Detailed Process
2-27-17 Harrow Fiction Chapter 23:  'Big Bird Gone' by James Prudden
2-27-17 Harrow Storm from Pierre Bastien
2-27-17 Tribeca Mansion, Reputed Largest In NYC, To Include Court
2-27-17 Gary Nisbet: The Perils of Perfectionism
2-27-17 Journey to Become China’s First Woman NCAA Basketball Player
2-26-17 Researchers Suggest Bumblebees Can Learn Ball Skills
2-26-17 John McEnroe Senior Dies, Colorful Character from Tennis's Golden Age by Steve Tignor
2-25-17 Berkshire School to Host New England Tournament in New 10-Court Facility by Lucia Mulder
2-25-17 Power Pose
2-24-17 More Squash and the Olympics
2-24-17 Bid Cities Continue Exodus from 2024 Games
2-24-17 Nike Women-in-Sports Ad Strikes Nerve in Arab World
2-25-17 Illinois Considers Cap on Pro Athlete Workers’ Comp
2-24-17 How the 40 Became the NFL Combine's Marquee Event
2-23-17 The Past and Future of Australian Squash
2-23-17 Spence School Planning 6-Story Athletics/Squash Facility on Upper East Side
2-23-17 Best Racket for a Dropper from Pierre Bastien
2-23-17 $49M West Village Megamansion Said to Include Court
2-23-17 Tech Continues Inroads in Tennis
2-23-17 Baseball's 43-Year-Old Ichiro Endures First Trip to Training Room
2-22-17 Greg Park Wins the Howard Davis Memorial Hardball Tournament by Paul T. Chan
2-22-17 Help Sumner Malik
2-22-17 Portland Community Squash on Bangor TV
2-22-17 Future Major Golf Venues
2-21-17 Asics Gel Flare 5 from Pierre Bastien
2-21-17 Ex-NFL Quarterback Launches Playbook Software
2-21-17 Manchester by the Canal by Peter Heywood
2-20-17 Harrow Fiction Match Chapter 22, 'My Favorite Martian' by Steve Hufford
2-20-17 Kristi Maroc's San Diego Surf & Sun Seeking Final Entries
2-20-17 Google Android Wear 2.0
2-19-17 Beyond the Baseline, Tennis's Stan Smith
2-19-17 To Root Against Your Children by Nick Hoppe
2-18-17 Richard William Danforth, 12/31/27 – 2/13/17, Three-Time US National Doubles Champion by Rob Dinerman
2-18-17 Salming Racquets '17 from Pierre Bastien
2-18-17 New Generation of Hot Tubs Aiding Recovery
2-18-17 Droneboarding
2-18-17 Hidden Tennis Courts in Grand Central Station Open to Public
2-18-17 $50K Women's Cleveland Classic 1st Round Report
2-17-17 Yale Club Head Pro Servando Velez Honored At Retirement Party After 30 Years Of Service by Rob Dinerman
2-17-17 Bill Danforth, 3-Time National Doubles Champion, Dies at 89
2-17-17 Bruce Elfenbein, Former National Champion, Dies at 79
2-17-17 Eye Squash Shoes from Pierre Bastien
2-17-17 6 Months After Rio Olympics
2-17-17 Study Suggests Working Remotely Increases Stress
2-17-17 How King James’ Love of Tennis Sealed his Fate by Alison Campsie
2-16-17 Burned-Down Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto Had 90-Year History
2-16-17 Day-After Fire Damage Extensive, No Cause Identified
2-16-17 Robert Thirst Named England Squash Young Coach of the Year
2-16-17 US Nationals Age Group Entries Close in a Week
2-16-17 Tennis Commentator Sues ESPN for Wrongful Termination Following Venus Williams Remark
2-16-17 Study Suggests Sucrose Mouthwash May Help Endurance Athletes
2-15-17 Major Fire Erupts at Historic Toronto Badminton and Racquet Club, No One Reported Injured
2-15-17 More Than 100 Firefighters Battle 6-Alarm Blaze
2-15-17 Witnesses
2-15-17 Badminton & Racquet Club of Toronto Like Walking Back in Time
2-15-17 Badminton and Racquet Club History
2-14-17 British Nationals Chairman's Report
2-14-17 Return of an Irish Legend by Mark Kelly
2-14-17 Five Parting Thoughts by James Zug
2-14-17 Playboy Magazine Reverses Position
2-14-17 3 DSR Writers Set for 50K-Word Novel Challenge
2-13-17 Harrow Fiction: Chapter 21 by Margot Comstock
2-13-17 Fitness Experts Suggest Crawling
2-13-17 Yoga Swing
2-13-17 Video: Shuttle Runs
2-12-17 Heights Casino Built for Squash Not Slots by Suzanne Spellen
2-12-17 Dedicated Aussie Coach Kay Barclay Remembered
2-12-17 New Singapore Coach Timothy Arnold with Big Plans
2-12-17 Golf Writer on Olympics & Squash
2-12-17 Tennis Umpire Sues LAPD Over Arrest
2-12-17 After 744 Marathons, Don McNelly Dies at 96
2-10-17 Report Finds Athlete/Non-Athlete Divide at Amherst by Kyle Grabowski
2-10-17 Daredevil Walks Slackline Over Yosemite Falls
2-10-17 LG Sport Shifts Smartwatch Platform
2-10-17 New Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Orders Flattening of School Globes
2-9-17 Brooklyn Heights Squash Community Remembers Fred Weymuller
2-9-17 From US Squash
2-9-17 2020 Olympic Golf Under Relocation Threat
2-9-17 Mr Pebble Beach
2-9-17 15-Year-Old Scores 92 in High School Basketball Game
2-9-17 Why Sporting Greats Struggle as Coaches
2-9-17 Slots Still Open for DSR Novel-in-8-Weeks Project
2-8-17 Longtime Heights Casino Pro & US Squash Hall of Famer Fred Weymuller Dies at 88
2-8-17 Cameron Pilley- Line Hansen Volvo Road Trip
2-8-17 East Anglian Influence on Norway National Team
2-8-17 Artists Bring Manurewa Squash Club to Life
2-8-17 How to Do the Shortest Workout Possible by Gretchen Reynolds
2-8-17 Video: Sand Workout
2-7-17 The Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff by Chris Hanebury
2-6-17 Fram's Corner: Life After PSA
2-6-17 Harrow Fiction, 'The Competition': Chapter 20 by Sean Hanlon
2-6-17 Head Speed 120 & 120 SB Slimbody from Pierre Bastien
2-6-17 'Racing Age'
2-6-17 6 Week Triathlon
2-6-17 Blood Test Purported to Improve Training
2-6-17 Peloton Instructors Ride for Fitness and Fame by Steven Kurutz